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Microlino - swiss based micro car

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  • Microlino - swiss based micro car

    Micro Mobility Systems is a Swiss based company which developed a two seater micro car.Microlino is the name of that microcar,which is the mixture of motorbike and car.Microlino price about $13000 (Rs.9.79 Lakh),Charging time for complete charge is 4 Hours with Regular power outlet.Microlino uses 60% of energy less than that of average electric car.This microcar length about 2.4m,It gives Top speed of 88.5 Kmph, Range of 124Km with a presence of Upgraded battery it gives a range of 199.5 Km Range.Microlino will enter European market at 2021,For American market Microlino waiting for design approval.

    Tell your opinion regarding micro car
    Whether these kind of micro-electric car create impact in Indian market?
    Which Price range of Microcar suitable for Indian market?