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The reasons behind the electric vehicles not to buy in India

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  • The reasons behind the electric vehicles not to buy in India

    Electric vehicles is set to grow in a big way.The government has taken many steps to favor of electric vehicles.

    Still there are many concerns we have in the real time

    1.Lack of charging stations
    2.Vehicle's range
    3.Battery Life
    5.Too expensive
    6.Lack of service centers
    7.Slow charging
    8.Lack of availability
    9.High electric bill
    10.Fire Hazard
    11.Product availability in the market

    All these concerns we have but hopefully achieve these concerns shortly.As said "Rome was not built in a day" ,in the same way electric vehicles can't be on the roads overnight.With the combined efforts of government and manufacturers,India will become a large market space for electric vehicles.

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    And the cost of a new battery is also high with the life of battery being around 3 years only with or without use


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      To buy an Electric Car,I will wait until it is available for ₹ 10+/- 2 lakhs and with a range of at leaset 250kms on a full charge


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        Hope Great Wall Motors will intiate a price war


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          We have to wait for a year or two fir sedan for around 10 lacs and charging stations, service stations, battery availability.